about vinati


I was born and raised in India. From a young age I questioned “who I was” and “where I came from”. Growing up, I learned about the ancient Indian texts of knowledge and spirituality from my mother and aunt, who were great examples of strength, grace and being grounded.

I first delved into energy healing as a teenager, when I learned and practised Reiki techniques. I began to understand how energy flows through centres in our body, the electro-magnetic field and how the power of intention enables remote energy healing without physical contact.

I moved to London from New Delhi once I got married and lived there for 9 years. Our family then moved to Dubai in 2011. For over 20 years I explored my artistic and creative skills by setting up and running an eco-friendly and socially responsible wedding stationery business.

Throughout, I continued to study ancient texts of wisdom across cultures, and deepened my understanding of different approaches to energy healing and developing self awareness..

In my experience of working with hundreds of clients as a mind-body-wellness practitioner, I recognise that each individual has a unique and special soul, so I intuitively adapt my sessions to suit your requirements.

I enjoy working with people across all age groups and have used my skills to help people from across the world in virtual and in–person sessions. My experience of living and working in Asia, Europe and the Middle East has helped me to connect with people from all walks of life with ease.

The work that I do is based on pure love and a passion for this cellular- level healing. It brings me great joy and satisfaction to help people remove limiting beliefs, shift from old patterns that no longer serve them and heal from their past.